First 1883 Season 2 Trailer Reveals Exciting New Footage

Paramount+ has unveiled a thrilling first look at 1883 season 2 in a gripping new trailer. The video provides enticing glimpses of the frontier drama’s stars back in action, including Sam Elliott, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill as the Dutton family.

Helen Mirren Joins Cast For Season 2

First 1883 Season 2 Trailer Reveals Exciting New Footage

Oscar winner Helen Mirren makes a grand debut appearance in the 1883 season 2 trailer. Mirren will play a major new character in the next chapter of the Yellowstone origin story.

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Duttons Face Further Deadly Challenges On Journey West

While specific plot details are still scarce, the new 1883 promo teases the many dangers that lie ahead on the wagon train’s trek west to Montana. Conflict with indigenous tribes, harsh weather and disease outbreaks threaten the pioneers’ survival.

Release Date Still Unannounced

Paramount+ has yet to confirm a premiere date for 1883’s second season. But new footage indicates production is underway, meaning new episodes could potentially arrive sometime in late 2023.

1883 Season 1 Now On DVD and Blu-Ray

In the meantime, fans can relive the incredible inaugural season by getting 1883 on DVD and Blu-Ray, available March 14.

Trailer Offers First Look At Highly Anticipated Season 2

View the just-released trailer for an exciting taste of what’s to come when 1883 returns with its star-studded cast for another intense season of frontier struggles.

13 thoughts on “First 1883 Season 2 Trailer Reveals Exciting New Footage”

  1. I think you’re full of crap! There is NO Season 2 of 1883!! Taylor Sheraton has already said so! And they are already settled because where she died is where they settled. She’s buried in the family plot at the Yellowstone Ranch. His wife and followed him to Montana. As far as the rest of the Wagon Train they already made it to Oregon. The ending of episode 1 showed that. Because that is where the captain committed suicide on the beach. And the only one that made it was the one legged guy. So there’s no story left to tell about the Wagon train adventure. You guys are nothing but a bunch of liars! Let It Go! Let her rest in peace!

    • The pioneer girl who died, is going to narrate the new season. Initially it was only meant for 1 season, but fans were pushing for another season.

  2. Taylor sherdon said there will be no more season to 1883 !! So what do u have to say about that?? I would love 1883 to continue.. but he is the boss

  3. FAKE NEWS! Sam Elliots character killed himself in the finale of Season 1. Ellie died at the end of season 1. They we’re already in Montana at the end of season 1. The Duttons settled where Ellie was buried at the end of season 1. There was never gong to be a season 2

  4. Second season of 1883 – how? Not to spoil but who was left? Ex watched the series twice to see if there was any possible way. I came up with zero, unless Elsa had a child that we weren’t introduced to. But why mess with a great tragic love story.


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