Kelly Reilly Leaves Yellowstone For the Denzel Washington?

Rumors are swirling in the entertainment press that actress Kelly Reilly may exit her fan-favorite role as Beth Dutton on Paramount’s smash series “Yellowstone” after Season 5. The speculative reason? To potentially join a new project as Denzel Washington’s co-star.

Kelly Reilly Leaves Yellowstone For the Denzel Washington?

While Reilly nor the network have confirmed her departure, Washington himself revealed in an interview that he approached Reilly about a “little Western” he aims to direct and star in. He praised her talent and “desire to excel.”

Would This Spell the End of Beth Dutton?

As the fiery, complex heart of “Yellowstone,” Beth Dutton quickly became a breakout character brought vividly to life by Reilly’s virtuoso performance. However, her volcanic temper and trauma-filled backstory always hinted she might not enjoy the most stable life on the ranch long-term.

If Reilly leaves to saddle up with Washington, “Yellowstone” would likely need to write out Beth Dutton in some sensational way befitting the character’s larger-than-life persona. A redemptive act of sacrifice for the Dutton clan? Going out in a literal blaze of glory against enemies? Fans surely have theories.

What Other Projects Does Reilly Have Brewing?

Beyond the potential Washington vehicle, Reilly also has several films in post-production, including the literary adaptation “Washington Black” and AI thriller “Constellation.”

Reilly has relished exploring Beth Dutton’s complex layers, once saying she admires the character’s “freedom and fearlessness.” But diverse roles in Reilly’s future beyond the Yellowstone ranch likely beckon as well.

While speculation continues swirling, one thing’s certain: whether Reilly leaves the show or not after Season 5 wraps, Beth Dutton and her phenomenal portrayal will go down as one of “Yellowstone’s” most iconic characters. Certainly co-starring opposite screen giant Washington in a Western helmed by him would make for an exciting next chapter in Reilly’s ascending career. Saddle up and watch this space!

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