Yellowstone’s New Spinoff Plan Teases How “Season 6” Can Continue Without Kevin Costner

A major question looming over the future of Yellowstone has been how the show could continue if star Kevin Costner decided to leave. Costner plays family patriarch John Dutton, and it’s hard to imagine the show without him. However, a new spinoff plan suggests how “Season 6” could carry on even if Costner exits.

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1923 Spinoff Sets Up Continuation Without Costner

Paramount recently announced another new Yellowstone prequel series titled 1923, starring Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren. The latest spinoff joins 1883, making it clear the network is expanding the Dutton family universe.

Yellowstone's New Spinoff Plan Teases How "Season 6" Can Continue Without Kevin Costner
Yellowstone’s New Spinoff Plan Teases How “Season 6” Can Continue Without Kevin Costner

Many see 1923 as insurance if Costner, who commands a hefty salary as lead, chose not to return for another season. The prequel is set decades earlier and centers on a previous Dutton generation.

This means 1923 could essentially act as “Season 6” of Yellowstone, carrying the franchise forward with Ford and Mirren at the helm. The timeline allows the overall ranch and family story to continue through their characters.

Costner’s Limited Shooting Schedule Fuels Speculation

Rumors of Costner’s potential Yellowstone exit intensified after he requested a limited filming schedule for Season 5. The actor reportedly only worked 65 days to shoot his scenes, spending less time on location in Montana.

His reduced schedule has fueled speculation that Costner is looking to phase out of the show. The expansion into spinoffs gives Paramount options to keep the Yellowstone universe going even without the core lead.

What This Means for Season 6 Remains Unclear

However, it’s important to note that so far there is no confirmation Costner is actually leaving Yellowstone. He has not announced plans to exit, though negotiations are likely still ongoing.

Whether Season 6 could move forward without Costner at the helm remains to be seen. But 1923 provides a possible roadmap to continue the ranch’s saga with or without the main patriarch.

For now, fans will have to stay tuned to learn if the Dutton family drama can outlast Costner’s involvement in upcoming seasons. But Paramount is clearly prepared to take Yellowstone in new directions through prequels if necessary.

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  1. Just Hurry The Hell Up
    Just when I think ok , yesterday I read season5 part 2 would Not premiere until mid November.. 2024 !!
    Shut The Front Door !!!
    Tonight I read a completely different story, plus supposedly Kevin CD Costner has not even said he’s leaving Yellowstone, it’s hear say from being rumored Luke Grimes stated in what I read, “No one knows anything about Season 5 part 2 being set for an air date!!” Also Luke Grimes has his own series in the work.. Does that mean we’ll loose Casey h says he’ll be there !
    Again Someone please shut the front door !! Lock it!! Wait your horses & just keep checking out Paramount Channels every Sunday !!
    Try not to get hyped up like I do
    It’ll be here soon,
    Big huge surprise coming with a Suposidly season 2 of 1883
    Starring Helen Merrin and Yellowhair is not dead !!! Read it all dirt it out and continue to sit on your own fingers !!


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