Kevin Costner returns in Yellowstone season 5 part 2, reveals more about new spin-off and release date

Kevin Costner Confirms Return for Yellowstone Season 5 Part 2

After months of speculation, Kevin Costner has confirmed he will return as John Dutton for the second half of Yellowstone’s fifth season. Rumors swirled about Costner’s involvement after reports of an on-set dispute over shooting schedules. However, the show’s lead says he’s put any issues behind him.

“I’m looking forward to getting back into John Dutton’s boots,” Costner told reporters at a recent event. “I know fans have been waiting to see what happens next for the Duttons and Yellowstone ranch, and I think they’ll be pleased when we return.”

Part 2 Production Delayed by SAG-AFTRA Strike

Production was initially slated to begin this summer but was pushed back due to an industry-wide SAG-AFTRA strike. The strike lasted nearly two months, halting work on many major TV shows and films.

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With the strike now resolved, filming is expected to commence in early 2023. The break allowed writers to fine-tune remaining scripts, ensuring high quality for the show’s last hurrah.

Excitement Builds for Season 5 Part 2 Release Date

An official return date has not been announced, but Costner hints fans may not have to wait too long.

“We’re looking at an early 2024 premiere,” Costner revealed. “I know people are anxious to see how it all wraps up for the Duttons. I think the wait will be worth it.”

High Anticipation for More Spinoffs After Yellowstone

With Yellowstone approaching its conclusion after five seasons, excitement continues building for an expanding universe of spinoffs. 1883 and 1923 have enjoyed success, and Costner’s comments stoked speculation for more.

“We have some ideas percolating,” Costner said. “The potential is there for me to play John Dutton at differing stages of his life. I also think fans would enjoy seeing more of the early Dutton legacy.”

Few shows have captured viewer imagination like Yellowstone, and it seems we still may not have seen the last of the Dutton family on our screens. But when one chapter closes, another opens, and Costner promises a satisfying sendoff.

“We’ve brought John Dutton’s story full circle,” Costner said. “I think long-time fans will be pleased with how we tie up loose ends.”

3 thoughts on “Kevin Costner returns in Yellowstone season 5 part 2, reveals more about new spin-off and release date”

  1. Kevin finally realized that his YELLOWSTONE MONEY
    was too valuable to pass on! I feel like he bullied his way back in! Still surprised Taylor is allowing him back.

    His alimony payments are too high to let that money go away. He better be damned good this season…because a lot of are still pissed at him!

  2. Yellowstone was the most beautifully put together show ever, starting with the Credits,
    Music, Montana landscape, Storyline and Cast. It rose Above TV Fare…until it was put on the backburner while all these other shows were
    tossed out. Loved 1883!! Didn’t watch Any of all the other Sheridan productions.
    It also has been Very Annoying that every 6 or 7 minutes Yellowstone was interrupted with teaser ads for all the other shows. It took
    Yellowstone down on the Quality of the Production of Yellowstone and interrupted the flow of the story. Yellowstone was the Star in Taylor Sheridan’s Crown which was forgotten to produce a number of Cubic Zirconias. 1883 was another Star in the Crown.


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