Paramount+ Renews 1923, the Hit Prequel to Yellowstone

The newest addition to the Yellowstone TV universe is already a huge success. Paramount+ has renewed the prequel series 1923 for a second season, after just 3 episodes have aired.

Paramount+ Renews 1923, the Hit Prequel to Yellowstone

The announcement comes as no surprise, given 1923’s record-setting premiere on December 18. It drew over 5 million viewers across Paramount’s platforms, marking the largest debut ever for a new series on the streaming service.

Prequel Quickly Finds Its Audience

Led by Hollywood legends Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren, 1923 has clearly resonated with fans of the neo-Western franchise. The latest Dutton family origin story is set in the early 20th century and explores a previous generation’s struggles to keep their Montana ranch running during hard times.

Prequel Quickly Finds Its Audience

Viewers have been enthralled by the gripping storytelling and stellar performances from the A-list cast. Paramount+ wasted no time capitalizing on the show’s immediate success by ordering another season for fans to look forward to.

What’s Next for Season 2

Plot details are sparse for 1923’s second season, as the first is still underway. But it will likely continue following the Dutton family in the early 1900s as they deal with pandemics, Prohibition, and expanding westward.

More casting announcements will come later, but Ford and Mirren are confirmed to reprise their roles as Jacob and Cara Dutton. Expect season 2 to keep unpacking the generations that built the Yellowstone into an empire.

Keeping the Yellowstone Universe Growing

With Yellowstone also renewed through season 6, Paramount+ is doubling down on Taylor Sheridan’s Montana-based universe as their crown jewel franchise. The streaming service is clearly invested in this world of gritty Western drama that spans across decades.

As Paramount+ competes for subscribers in the ongoing streaming wars, Yellowstone’s continued success is a high point. Renewing the hit prequel 1923 so quickly ensures this cinematic universe Sheridan created still has ample room left to run.

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  1. I wish you would of made another season to 1883 with Tim McGraw and Faith Hill then went in to 1923 is also great love the characters Spencer and Alex. Keep it going can’t wait until season 2.

  2. I watched 1923 last year and loved it! However it just stopped during peak times of the story and left me hanging!! I was very disappointed.


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