Yellowstone’ Fans Slam the Show After It Drops Major News on Instagram

‘Yellowstone’ Moves to CBS for Upcoming Fall TV Season

'Yellowstone' Moves to CBS for Upcoming Fall TV Season

The popular Paramount Network drama series “Yellowstone” is switching networks for its upcoming fall TV run. A new video revealed that the series will begin airing weekly on CBS starting September 17th.

Announcement Creates Mixed Reactions from Fans

The “Yellowstone” Instagram page posted a video on August 22nd announcing the move to CBS. The show’s first season will air on the network’s Sunday night lineup after 60 Minutes.

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While some fans expressed excitement about the show reaching a broader audience on CBS, others were disappointed. Many comments focused on questioning when the final episodes of Yellowstone’s current fifth season will air.

Season 5 Return Date Still Unclear

Yellowstone season 5 premiered on November 13, 2022 on the Paramount Network. The season was split into two parts, with the first 7 episodes airing late last year. Fans are still eagerly awaiting details on when the remaining 6 episodes of season 5 will be released.

The midseason finale on January 1 left the Dutton family in a state of uncertainty. Viewers are anxiously awaiting the resolution in part 2. However, neither Paramount nor the show’s cast and crew have given any hints about when the next episodes will drop.

What We Know About Part 2

While an official return date is still up in the air, we do have some tidbits about what’s to come in the back half of Yellowstone season 5:

  • It will consist of 6 episodes that will air weekly, rather than dropping all at once.
  • Production took place in Montana last summer and finished filming in August 2022.
  • The plot will deal with the aftermath of the attacks on the Duttons and continue ongoing storylines.
  • New cast members include country singer Lainey Wilson.

So when will answers finally arrive for fans? Unfortunately it’s still a waiting game for now. But viewers can get their Yellowstone fix on CBS come September 17th with season 1 reruns. And they should stay tuned for an announcement on season 5 part 2’s premiere date.

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  2. I think we will enjoy all of these shows if they would just not keep us hanging. The writer should not try so many shows at once. It is better to have a couple of good shows than this mess Sheraton has done.


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